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Fanciest Wine Glasses To Enhance The Flavor Of Wine

Published: May 23, 2013

To enhance the flavor of wine and enjoy more of it, it is necessary that it be served in the appropriate glass for each wine. Thepleasure of being a good wine is much greater if you drink a glass properly. The type of glass, type of glass it is made of the cup size, the color of the glass, detergents used to clean them,where they keep the cups and other related matters will have a significant impact on your enjoyment of wine.

Unfortunately, in most of the restaurants and wine bars do not use the proper glasses, not cleaned or stored properly which significantly limits the enjoyment of wine. Frequently we find restaurants and bars serving excellent wine by the glass to serve water in very small cups in cups stained with lipstic dame that before you use in flavored drinks Clorox or scouring soap, in cups color, or in a crystal glasses as thick as bottles of Coca Cola.

The crystal wine glasses should be elongated and round and slightly acute towards the upper end (tulip shaped) so that when you rotate to release the flavor and bouquet of the wine, they remain in the top of the cup and you can appreciate the best.

You should know that in the case of white wines generally uses a smaller cup than recommended for red wines. In the case of Champagne or Sparkling wine is the ideal glass fluted cup (tall and narrow) which allows the bubbles rise to the top of the  cup. For the red wines we recommend a larger cup preferably tulip-shaped, with a minimum capacity of ten ounces (preferably twelve to sixteen ounces) with enough space for you to fill one-third of the glass and the wine can rotate properly to release their aromas and bouquet. On the internet, you can find a lot of discount wine glasses.

Avoid using plastic cups, bowls of colored, patterned glasses, cup or very small, since none of these you can enjoy wine properly.

Types of Crystal Wine Glasses:

Among the favorite drinks of wine lovers are the 'Riedel' made in Austria and 'Spiegelau', manufactured in Germany. Both are abailable in most wine stores in San Juan, and although these are usually more expensive than regular glasses, guarantee a proper enjoyment of wine. There are other drinks on the market more "SATAS" and less expensive but good enough to make the difference. Buy the best you can!

If you want to enjoy more wine in restaurants and bars can do any of these things: Before ordering wine ask the waiter to show you where the cups are serving wine. If you think that they are unsuitable ask if they have some better wine glasses (usually have them hidden for special customers or for customers who order the most expensive wines).

Finally, the care and cleaning of the cups is very important because if you do not follow some basic rules, they affect the enjoyment of the wine due to mismanagement, and almacenamiemto cleaning the glasses. As for cleaning, it is best that these are cleaned with hot water, using a clean, lint-free, without using any detergent, then rinse in cold water. To dry them, hold them by the stem and dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth. There are certain liquids on the market to clean and shine the glasses. The use of these liquids simplifies cleaning the cups.

As for storage, it is recommended that after cleaning the cups these are kept with mouth upwards, on a shelf or table so that air can circulate in them. It should be stored in boxes or drawers or closed cabinets as they could soak up any odor that exist in the cardboard, wood or closet or drawer. If you have a closet or drawer, it is advisable to take out at least half an hour before using, to air out and release any odors that have bben absorbed.

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