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In order to open full taste of wine, appreciate taste and aroma, you just need to pick up the right wine glasses. Every wine have their special glasses, in fact, there are special glasses for every sort of grape.

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Green Wine Glass, Libbey Red Wine Goblet
Grehom Crystal Wine Glass Large - Elephants & Olives; Hand Etched Wine Goblets; Mouth Blown Crystal Glasses; Beautiful Gift
Set of 4 Chalkboard Wine Glasses 16-oz ~ Four Unique Personalized Write on Clear Glass Wine Goblets Party Set
$30.00 $29.99
Rsvp 8oz Stainless Steel Wine Glasses/goblets Keeps Wine Cool Set of 2 Red White
Rsvp 8oz Stainless Steel Wine Glasses/goblets Keeps Wine Cool Set of 2 Red White
Liber Wine Glasses - Set of 4 - Stemless Wine Glasses - 17 Ounce - Unique Design Clear Glassware - Decanter Shaped Glass
$34.95 $29.95
JK-690-0367 Set of 2 Exclusive Silver Plated Engraved Metal Brass Wine Goblets, Flutes, Champagne Flutes, Wine cups, Cordial Glasses, Brass Wine cups, Gift Set, Embossed Brass Goblet, Beautiful Shiny Red Velvet Box with Satin Cloth interior, Solid Materia
New! Brushes for all Wine glasses, Goblets and Flutes(2 Brushes)
Circleware "Normandy" 10oz Goblet/Wine Glass Set 6pc
Chalkboard Wine Glass 19-oz ~ Unique Personalized Write on Clear Glass Wine Goblets Party Dish
Araglin Goblet and Red Wine Glass
Spiegelau Adina Goblet Red Wine Glass Set of 2
$66.75 $42.95
Spiegelau Vino Grande Goblet Wine Glass Set of 6
$89.95 $87.18
Luminarc Ruby Red Snowflakes Wine Goblet Glass, Set of 4
Tritan Forte 17.3 Oz Wine Goblet Glass (Set of 6)

Special shape of glasses allows focusing on nuances of flavor directing wine to the desired area of tongue to open taste of wine fully. In order to become a real sommelier, you will need to purchase dozens, maybe even hundreds of glasses of different shapes, but is it worth doing this? You can use basic tips instead and buy everything you need for degustation:

The greatest piece of news here is that the array of wine glasses to choose from has never been as wide as it is today. For decades or so, most people have used wine glasses up to the point where they begin to feel like old, familiar hiking boots.

You’d better have glasses of two types for white wine: classical and spherical (for denser wines such as Chardonnay).

You will need wider red wine glasses. The most basic are Bordeaux glasses for stronger wines and Burgundy glasses with extended edges for refined wines.

Sparkling wine requires narrow conical glasses. Inside of such glasses, there are often grains and wrinkles that help forming whimsy patterns of bubbles.

In addition to proper selection of wine glasses, it is important to know some rules. Sparkling wine should fill no more than three-quarters of a glass, white - no more than a third, red - no more than a quarter of a glass. Since wine in a glass heats up faster, this will also help to keep the correct temperature of wine.

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